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Confetti Wonky Pot - Shell Flower
Confetti Wonky Pot - Shell Flower

Confetti Wonky Pot

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Multi-coloured speckled striped pot

Size Approx 9cm H x 9 cm W
Materials Earthenware clay
Care Hand wash only with warm, soapy water.

Here at Shellflower we're all about eco-friendly and eco-sustainable practises. Which is why you may not be surprised to find out these sweet, confetti striped wonky pots use to be mugs. 

During the drying process, the handles cracked and had to be removed, but waste not want not! These former mugs are now beautifully imperfect, hand made ceramic wonky pots.

Made with white earthenware clay, in cloudy North Yorkshire, we think these precious wonky babies would make the perfect stocking filler for a bestie or even yourself.